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SACMI – an Italian machine manufacturer celebrating its’ first 100 years

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Constant innovation, generating competitive advantages for customers: from continuous compression molding (CCM), the global benchmark for closures, to container/preform manufacturing solutions and a full range of products and services for total quality control

This year, SACMI celebrates its 100th anniversary. The capacity to generate continuous innovation has taken this company - founded in Italy way back in 1919 - to the pinnacle of global manufacturing.

Choosing SACMI means to choose the world's number one designer of compression-technology cap-making machines (CCM, Continuous Compression Molding). This cutting-edge technology allows customers to develop innovative, lighter, higher-performing caps while ensuring total quality thanks to independent control of every single mold cavity.

A pioneer in the industry (by the late 1990s the SACMI Research Center had already developed the first prototypes to feature this revolutionary technology), SACMI has successfully extended the advantages of compression to adjoining sectors such as container manufacturing. One example, the CBF (compression blow forming) range, is ideal for the dairy and pharma sectors as it combines the very best characteristics of alternative technologies in terms of versatility and precision.

Completing the SACMI solutions range upstream from the bottling line is the IPS: the most versatile PET preform manufacturing platform in its category, it is designed to combine automation with usability, quality with performance.

Throughout its range - which includes complete stretch-blow moulding, filling and labelling lines - SACMI provides an advanced range of video camera inspection systems, designed by the SACMI Quality & Process Control Division to ensure outstanding results, interoperability and total quality control.

SACMI has some 80 branches in 30 countries worldwide, ensuring efficient global service before, during and after the sale. Alongside the far-reaching SACMI Global Network, customers can also rely on new remote assistance service packages provided by the Customer Service Division, ensuring they always get the very most from their investment in SACMI technology wherever they are.

SACMI USA also celebrates 25 years of continuous service and growth in the US market, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with two additional strategic branches in Nashville, Tennessee for the East Coast and in Merced, California for the West Coast. Visit us at:

SACMI, leading the way, worldwide.


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